LemonTree is a little surf oasis nestled in the heart of Sagres, an iconic surfer’s village located on the southwestern tip of Portugal.  The town is surrounded by stunning cliffs and views of Costa Vicentina National Park, the jewel of the Algarve region.

Our location is unique, as the surfhouse is a mere 200m walk from world-class surf spots such as Praia Do Tonel and Praia Da Mareta. Similarly, iconic landmarks like Sagres & Beliche Fortress and the famous lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vicente are just around the corner.

The cherry on top of the cake? The best bars and restaurants of Sagres are just at our doorstep!

To reach Sagres and LemonTree Eco Surfhouse, you can conveniently travel from either Lisbon or Faro airports. From Lisbon, there are daily buses departing at 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, with a travel time of approximately 4 hours. Alternatively, Faro offers buses at 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM, taking around 3 hours. The bus stop is conveniently located just 100m from the surfhouse, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey to your surf retreat in the heart of Sagres. If you travel by car, the journey from Lisbon will be 3 hours, while from Faro, it’s only 1.15 hours. Parking won’t be a problem as there’s a free car park right in front of the surfhouse. Taxis are another efficient option; while from Faro Airport you will be paying around 120€.

The best thing about staying at LemonTree is that you will hardly ever need to walk more than 1km. Everything you need — surf spots, beaches, shops, restaurants, and bars — is just around the corner. If you enjoy skateboarding and cycling as well, we offer all our guests the opportunity to use bikes and skateboards for free! On the other hand, if you are eager to discover hidden beaches and reach more distant waves, we recommend hiring a car. It will provide you with complete freedom to explore all of the beauty the Algarve has to offer. 

The “accommodation price” or “nightly price” includes your overnight stay and the use of all communal areas of the surfhouse like the fully equipped kitchen, livingroom, garden and yoga deck. Paying for a room will also give you the right to use all the yoga material, beach equipment, gym utensils, skateboards and bikes for free!

On top of your room, you’ll be able to book extra: Organic Breakfast, Surf, Yoga and Skate lessons. 

Once at the surfhouse you can also enjoy add-ons like: massages, tattoos, Lemontree merchandise and all the eco-friendly products of our boutique.

At LemonTree, we value the freedom of choosing your daily schedule a lot! We do not like to impose a tight schedule on our guests, where everything is organized 24/7. Instead, we prefer to give you the option to customize your holiday as much as you’d like. Day-by-day. This way, you can choose whether to go for a surf lesson, have our organic breakfast, or join the yoga session, according to how you feel at the moment! On our website you’ll be able to choose and book the activities that you like the most with no boardey to your freedom.

Both things are definitely possible, you can either book online, if you prefer to come to the surfhouse with everything already organized, or you can always book all your activities at your arrival. Personally, we suggest booking breakfast together with the room online, while for the other activities, wait to be at Lemontree. This is because, we can then aid you with the booking of surf, yoga & skate lessons, according to the ocean and weather forecast. 

PS: for all the surfers and yogis coming to the house in July, August & September, we recommend booking your activities as soon as possible, so to ensure yourself a spot! (it gets busy).

Our breakfast only includes seasonal, organic and locally sourced products. In the case that we could not find the supplies we need from the local producers, we try to buy only  BIO products from “conventional” shops.

The breakfast will be served in the tranquility of our backyard and the Menu is “a la carte”. This means that you will be able to choose from our menu and we will prepare the dish freshly for you at your desired time. The menu also includes beverages such as coffee/tea, milk (cow, soy, almonds and oat), and freshly pressed orange juice. 

All our guests get complete access to all common areas of the surfhouse. In particular, when you do not want to take advantage of our breakfast service, or you do not want to go out for food, you’ll be able to use the fully equipped kitchen of the surfhouse, including fridge and food storage! 

Cloe: Cloe is our biggest room featuring a queen sized bed and a sofa that can be turned into a bed for kids. This room has its own private en-suite bathroom and plenty of storage space. Also, it features a working desk with a view of the backyard of Lemontree.

Vimarna: This is our second biggest room, also featuring a queen sized bed

We do accept animals at the house, however, guests that wish to take their pets with them, should inform us prior booking. If the pet has a large size or is a heavy shedder unfortunately, we might not be able to accept the booking. 

Yes, here at Lemontree kids are welcome! However, kids must be older than 3 years old. We have this rule in place, to avoid noise complaints during the night, and ensuring the happiness of each guest in the house. Thanks for your understanding. 

At Lemontree we offer both group and Private surf lessons. 

For the Group lessons, we like to keep the crowd to a minimum, so instead of the classic surf school ratio, 8 people per instructor, here at Lemonteee we have a maximum capacity of 4-5 people per instructor, so quality of teaching, safety and fun are ensured. 

On the other hand, if you want the full attention of the teacher for yourself, or you are a family or group of friends (up to 3 people), private lessons will be an ideal option for you. 

Group lessons are recommended for first timers, beginners and all people that have only have a few days/weeks of experience and still need to practice on “broken waves”.

Private lessons are strongly recommended for whoever has already a good amount of experience and wants to experience or improve on unbroken waves “green waves”. If you are an intermediate surfer that would like to get better at riding a green wave,  you would like to try video analysis training and discover new spots and waves. Private lessons are definitely for you. 

For all kids under the age of 12, we offer private lessons. This is because kids deserve the full attention of the teacher, that in a group lesson, unfortunately, it is not possible. 

In both Group & Surf lessons, include all the necessary surf gear (wetsuit & surfboard), transport to the beach and back and clearly 2 hours of structured lesson. To notice, in group lessons we only utilize foam boards, for everyone’s safety. 

In private lessons, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of foam and hardboards. 

At Lemontree we have a wide range of surfboards you’ll be able to rent. Our quiver goes from foam boards for beginners, all the way to shortboards for advanced surfers. In detail, we have minimalibus, fishes, shortboards and funboards of different sizes and shapes. We also have eco-friendly, locally produced wetsuits 4/3mm that will keep you nice and warm during your surf sessions. 

Yess we have plenty of surf-skates that you can use, and the best thing is that you will not need to rent, they are for Free!

Yoga classes usually last 75 minutes, however after the yoga lessons you’ll have a complementary warm Tea, so maybe consider 90 minutes for the whole experience. 

All the yoga gear is included in the price of the lesson (yoga mats, blocks and bands), on top of that you’’ also get a hot tea at the end of the practice. 

In you want to know more about life at Lemontree, how your day will look like, all the adventures you can experience around Sagres, etc. check our BLOG & INSTAGRAM