Surf-skate with us and boost your surfing skills outside of the water!

Surf-skating is the most efficient and fun training method we have to improve our surfing technique when we cannot be in the water.

The beauty of surf-skate training is that it gives you the chance to recreate surfing like movements in a controlled environment. This way, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you can enjoy the thrill of surfing at any time of the day without worrying about surf or wave forecast. 

Free Use of Our Surf-Skates

Here at Lemontree, we take care of your surf training from A to Z, so once you are done with your surf lesson you can keep on improving with our surf-skates. 

We partnered up with the Lisbon based surf-skate company Cutback Surfskate, to offer all our guests the possibility of using a variety of surf-skates completely for free! 

So once you are at the surfhouse with us, you are welcome to take a surf-skate anytime you want and enjoy the freedom of a ride at the End of The Old World.

Surf-Skate Training Sessions

Are you new to surf-skating or you would like to improve your riding skills on the concrete and in the water? No Problem!

You can book a 1.5 hours long surf-skate training session for single surfers or groups of up to 3 people with top qualified surf coaches.

Our beginner surf-skate classes focus on how to move your first steps on a skate in complete safety, understanding the correct positions and technique which are at the base of surfing and surf skating  and have a ton of fun.

While if you already have some experience in surfing and skateboarding, the focus of our classes will shitft on how to generate speed, how to perform the key surfing movements and start the journey that leads to surfing turns (bottom and top turn).

When you have already mastered all of this, our goal will be to boost your skills towards more complex surf maneuvers, perfecting your surfing line and working on top, bottom turn and cut-back. 

Surf-skate in Sagres

Sagres offers one of the most iconic scenarios to ride surf-skates. The roads of the Costa Vicentina National park provide amazing terrain to skate around while experiencing amazing sunsets and breathtaking views. While at only 200m from our surfhouse you’ll find Sagres’s skatepark, which provides the more advanced riders the chance to measure themselves on a half-pipe, rails, boxed and banks. Lastly, a few pushes away from Lemontree Eco Surfhouse, there is a perfect surf-skate training ground free of cars and traffic, which will allow you to practice in complete safety.